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How to Make a Referral to the Counseling Center

  • Suggest that the student call or come in to make an appointment. Give the Counseling Center phone number at that time: x8331 or (626) 395-8331.
  • If the student is hesitant, suggest that you call the receptionist at the Counseling Center for an appointment while the student is in your office. If the situation is an emergency, call the Counseling Center at x8331 or (626) 395-8331 and tell the receptionist "The student needs an appointment immediately" when you call.
  • Speak with a staff member of the Counseling Center before the student is seen to inform her/him of the reasons you are referring the student.
  • Sometimes it may be useful or necessary to walk the student over to the Counseling Center for immediate assistance.
  • If you are concerned about a student but are uncertain about the appropriateness of a referral, feel free to call the Counseling Center and ask for the Director or another psychologist to discuss your concerns.


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