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Emergencies and Acute Crisis Situations

Situations require an immediate response when students are in such significant emotional distress that their ability to function is seriously impaired, or when they pose a threat to themselves, others, or property.

Whether or not the person of concern is a student, immediately call Campus Security at x5000 or (626) 395-5000 when:

  • There are high levels of irritability, including unruly, aggressive, violent or abrasive behavior.
  • There is a serious and imminent threat to harm another person or property.
  • You suspect a person has ingested a substance or has engaged in self-harm behavior that is life-threatening.

 Immediately call the Counseling Center at x8331 or (626) 395-8331 when:

  • A student makes overtly suicidal comments; e.g., referring to suicide as a current option.
  • A student is experiencing impaired speech or garbled, disjointed thoughts, bizarre or strange behavior that is obviously inappropriate to the situation; e.g., talking to "invisible" people.

 Immediately call the Staff and Faculty Consultation Center at x8360 or (626) 395-8360 when:

  • The psychological emergencies described above do not involve a student.


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